(Photo) Popularization of spherical bearings
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The spherical ball bearing is what we usually call the spherical bearing. The reason why the ball bearing is called a ball bearing is because it belongs to a deep groove ball bearing, and the rolling elements inside are steel balls.

Radial spherical ball bearings are more convenient than ordinary deep groove ball bearings. Their characteristics are mainly simple loading and unloading, which can be adjusted. The standard tolerances of spherical ball bearings are: inner plus outer minus, and the inner diameter adopts plus tolerances to ensure Lightness; each set of spherical ball bearings is not used alone, he must be equipped with integral installation inside the bearing housing, and the spherical bearing housing has various shapes, so it is suitable for various structural positions after the overall fit. Radial ball bearings can be divided into three categories according to the way of cooperation with the shaft: 

Spherical ball bearing with top wire

Its codenames are: UC200 series (light series), UC300 series (heavy series), and deformed product UB (SB) 200 series. If the use environment is in conformity with the smaller, generally choose UC200 series, otherwise choose UC300 series. Generally, there are two jacking screws on the outer spherical ball bearing, and the included angle is 120 °. Its characteristic is that when the shaft is matched with the shaft, the jacking wire is used to push against the shaft, so as to play a fixed role, but its cooperation Environmental requirements must have a small vibration range. This kind of outer spherical ball bearing is more common and widely used in various manufacturing industries such as textile machinery and ceramic machinery.

Spherical bearings with tapered outer spherical surface

Its codenames are: UK200 series, UK300 series. This type of spherical ball bearing has an internal diameter of 1:12 and a tapered inner hole. It must be used with an adapter sleeve when used. The characteristics of this type of spherical ball bearing are: it can withstand larger than the spherical ball bearing with top wire. load. Because the inner diameter of the same type of adapter sleeve matched with it is smaller than that of the spherical ball bearing with top wire, for example, the internal diameter of the spherical ball bearing UC209 with top wire is 45mm, and the diameter of the shaft used with it is 45mm, and if If it is replaced with a tapered spherical ball bearing, only the adapter sleeve with an inner diameter of 45mm can be selected, and the tapered spherical ball bearing matched with the 45mm adapter sleeve is only UK210 (of course, if the load is higher, you can choose UK310). Therefore, the load on the UK210 should be much larger than that of the UC209.

Spherical ball bearing with eccentric sleeve

Its codenames are: UEL200 series, UEL300 series, SA200 series. The main feature of this type of spherical ball bearing is that the upper end of the bearing has a certain eccentricity, and an eccentric sleeve with the same eccentricity cooperates with it. This type of bearing can also be said to be a special bearing, because it is mainly used on agricultural machinery (harvesters, straw returning machines, threshers, etc.). This type of spherical bearing is mainly used on the structure with more violent beating, eccentric structure The cooperation can effectively reduce the violent beating.

Double seal

Compared with other common bearings, spherical ball bearings also have a double-layer seal, because the general environmental conditions of spherical ball bearings are more severe, especially for agricultural machinery bearings, and the double-layer seal ensures that dust does not easily enter the inside of the channel The three-lip sealed outer spherical bearing developed by Sunan Bearing Co., Ltd. has greatly enhanced the dustproof capacity and prolonged the service life of the bearing. Sunan Bearing Co., Ltd. specializes in the development and production of outer spherical ball bearings. The prices of its products are moderate and the quality is guaranteed. Therefore, spherical ball bearings are generally preferred to "Sunan".