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Steel balls in the bearing industry applications

Bearing in work is under immense pressure and the friction forces, so the requirements of the bearing steel has a uniform and high hardness and wear resistance, and high elastic limit. Uniformity of content and distribution of nonmetallic inclusions in the chemical composition of the bearing steel, the distribution of carbides requirements are very stringent bearing steel, also known as high carbon Ge steel, carbon Wc is about 1%, the Ge content Wcr 0.5% -1.65%. Bearing steel and bearing steel divided into high-carbon Ge, Ge-bearing steel, carburizing bearing steel, stainless steel bearings, high temperature bearing steel and anti-magnetic bearing steel six categories.

Application: Ball bearings are widely used in high-speed and low-noise bearing, bicycle, motorcycle, car, rail, universal ball, bags, electronics industry, also used to grind other media.

Characteristics: hardness can reach HRC62-65 degrees, better wear resistance of the material, cold working into a ball millionth of a millimeter accuracy can reach the surface of the mirror effect. The color is chrome, but can not be welded.

Category: High-precision steel balls, grinding steel balls, grinding steel balls.

Specifications: Main Specifications Φ0.5mm ~ Φ250mm.