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Gear oil lubricity and extreme pressure anti-wear

In order to maintain a good state of lubrication, the car must have a certain kinematic viscosity. Depends mainly on the reaction membrane functioning film and extreme pressure antiwear agents, thereby reducing the amount of wear to prevent abrasions and sintering of the surface of the teeth under high load conditions.

The other hand to test the lubricity and extreme pressure anti Four-Ball EP test machine to evaluate. So that the ball does not occur card bite the maximum load under the test conditions, it means that the lubricating oil film strength, i.e. nonseizure the load, the friction between the surface of the load to maintain the integrity of the oil film.

Under the experimental conditions, the minimum load of the sintered balls, which means that the maximum working capacity of the lubricant, i.e. sintering load. Integrated wear value equal to several times to correct the load mathematical average of lubricating oil from the low load to the sintering load average anti-wear performance of the whole process.