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How to deal with the surface of the ball

The ball there are many types of balls of different types of material and the material is not the same, the surface treatment is not the same, the appearance disposal, the disposal process in order to improve the function of member Appearance. But all the way, the intention is to satisfied with the product corrosion resistance, wear resistance enhancement product, perhaps the intention to play embellishment.
Generally speaking, China's appearance disposal is understood in two ways. A broader appearance disposal, comprehensive approach to physical and chemical plating, coating, chemical chloride; another is more narrowly understood, sandblasting, shot blasting.
Tends to occur due to the workpiece in the processing, transportation, storage, appearance was a variety of chemical reactions, oxidation, corrosion, rust and other contaminants in the appearance of. If the workpiece with dirt directly for machinery parts, interested in the mechanical function of the direct impact, and accelerate the loss of the use of mechanical life expectancy. Thus, the demand of the workpiece after the appearance of disposal may be distinguished protective layer, competence so that it does not affect the use of mechanical effects and the extension of life expectancy.
About the ball, which can be used as the processing is processing two characters. Ball, modern manufacturing industry, the primary use of stainless steel and bearing steel two before he ball. On the stainless steel balls, the raw material itself has a certain rust resistance, in particular two materials of the stainless steel 304 and 316L stainless steel, and its rust-proof function is relatively excellent, can be used directly in the the inevitable acidic environment and the oxidizing environment job. But its drawback is the relatively low hardness, hardness and rust resistance must beg the working environment, the appearance of two materials of stainless steel 304 / 316L stainless steel chrome-plated appearance hardness of the ball, and then progress must extent. Ball bearings compared according to the hardness of stainless steel, much stronger than stainless steel ball, but concluded that the lack of anti-rust function. So, if in the absence of high-strength wear work environment, thinking perhaps carbon steel ball bearings ball appearance plating nickel. In the environment must play a rust effect.
Ball, but also as a thing of the appearance disposal. The micro-balls, steel grit, steel shot may be for polishing or Xu Zhenguang of the environment. Some metal parts due to the appearance of impetuous or Xuguang Ze dull and other reasons, the demand for appearance disposal, to the hair, brightens the best method is to use ball or grit, steel shot polishing. , But also make relatively large due to the hardness of the ball, and the selection of the surface finish good ball, so that the metal with the appearance of impetuous constantly bump and conflict, and gradually get rid of the appearance of uneven metal surface brightness progress.
Stainless steel ball usually forging process from production at this stage commonly used stainless steel ball material 201,302,304,316,316 L, 420, 440 C. Changzhou Wujin Sunan Bearing Co., Ltd. specializing in the production of steel balls, stainless steel balls and other products, welcome customers to negotiate business.