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Stainless steel ball surface inspection

Stainless steel ball eventually go through a process, lapping, or ultra-lapping. Several of these indicators will be designed to lapping requirements, such as surface roughness, geometric accuracy, size deviation, surface quality and burn, the surface roughness of the problem is the focus today, check the surface roughness is 90 times magnifying glass observed under the surface roughness of the most common problems is to study injury, this is a defect, research injuries is the groove surface 90 times under a magnifying glass you can see, the bottom of the rough, scratches, mild astigmatism can see black or yellow, the worst case will be able to directly see a groove.

    There are several reasons: rough surface, abrasive discs shallow trench or different shades in the deep trench grinding pressure is too small resulting in sliding, it will cause research injuries.

2, the processing time is too short, relatively low processing.

3, iron or other debris within the groove of the grinding disc. Trench wall of the grinding plate off the block workpiece research injuries.

4 grinding the added abrasive particles, also.

If the naked eye surface roughness can be detected on the surface roughness. Welcome to Changzhou Wujin Sunan Bearing Co., Ltd. Our company specializes in the production of steel balls, stainless steel balls, for your dedicated service!