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Stainless steel ball

Whether to provide custom processing: Yes
Model: stainless steel ball
specifications :3.175-15.875
Material: Stainless steel 440
Surface treatment: bright Scope: bearings, all types of machinery and spare parts

The company produces a variety of stainless steel balls, chrome steel balls, welcome to inquire!
Supply Ball Sunan brand, made ​​of chrome steel and stainless steel variety, specifications 0.8mm-50mm level G100-G1000 grade. Surface finish is excellent, the technical parameters of qualified stable southern Jiangsu Brand Ball quality, complete specifications, price favorably! Welcome to the new and old customers to consult the discussion!
Factory production specifications bearing balls 0.5-150m / m, carbon steel ball of 0.5-150m / m, stainless steel ball 0.8-50m / m, while a variety of customized special specifications of stainless steel ball, ball, ceramic ball. All kinds of steel balls to provide customers with high quality, complete specifications, reasonable price